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Watch EVERY Move Your Visitors Make on your Site (Scary cool!)

Heat Map Tracker v2.0 is now LIVE and at a massive

6500+ marketers are already using this alternative to expensive solutions like Clicktale and CrazyEgg which charge thousands per year.

Have access to the same features like...

– Record Sessions / Playbacks of Each Visitor
– Heatmaps by Clicks, Eye-Tracking & Scroll
– In-Depth Analytics
– Self-Hosted w/ No Limitations

At a ONE-TIME, Lifetime investment!
Plus with the enhanced 2.0 version, they are revealing a bunch of new features that raving customers have been asking for.

NEW Features like...

Amazon RDS Integration: Utilize 'the cloud' to store user heat map and session data, instead of your server.

Advanced Reseller Packages:  HMT has white-label capabilities so you can sell the data as a service.  Now included are more advanced client packages with automated Paypal invoicing.

Mobile Tracking:  Track not only desktop sessions, but now  ANY mobile device to see the difference between Desktop and  Mobile engagement.

Watch how you can ethically "spy" on each of your visitors to see exactly how they interact with your site.
heatmap tracker
For a short time, you can get up to 70% off the normal price - including NO restrictions, NO limitations and White-Label rights.

Check out the NEW Heat Map Tracker!
To your success,
Micheal & Yvonne
PS – Matt Callen and Mark Thompson told me they are not keeping Heat Map Tracker at this low price forever. In fact, unless you got this message a short while ago, the price may be back to its regularly scheduled pricing. Hurry and check it out now:


Why Video Marketers Need Audello

You are a video marketer. You use videos to get you traffic, prospects, leads and eventually sales. That is something I have been preaching for a long time.

So why am I telling you that you should be buying Audello?

What is Audello?

Audello is a suite of podcasting tools and training program. The software consists of a desktop program (for Mac and PC), a web application and a smart phone app (iPhone version is currently the only one available, but the Android version is in development).

The desktop app allows you to record your own voice (via your microphone) or the sounds coming from your computer. It also allows you to drag and drop files to be included into your podcast.

The web app allows you to create pages for playing back your podcasts (with lots of cool effects like opt in forms, buy now buttons and even redirects). The pages are SEO optimized and can be easily turned into viral pages with a plethora of social media share buttons that you can include in the player (which can be embedded on your blog). Another feature of the web app is the podcast submitter. It allows you to share your podcast onto 3 major podcast networks.

podcastingVideo Soundtracks

Your podcasts can easily be turned into the soundtrack for a simple slideshow or a PowerPoint video with only a little bit of tweaking. I am all about repurposing your content. You spent the time creating it, right? You used your vast wealth of knowledge in your field of expertise or you interviewed someone who has that vast wealth of knowledge. You can use the same mp3 file that your podcast created and make videos that you can post on your YouTube channel or on social media. Make your content work for you.

Not only would you have your podcast on the podcast networks, but your videos would be on the video networks, sending you even more traffic.

Can you see why this tool is so valuable?

You only have a few more days to take advantage of the $100 price break during the launch. I highly recommend you head over to this link and grab Audello while the price is good for a lifetime membership and not annual like it will be when the launch is over.

Get it now:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – We are offering a bonus for the buyers of Audello through our link. You just need to make sure that you see [affiliate =  mirrror or ymlyon ] at the bottom of the shopping cart page. If not, clear your cookies and try clicking on this link again!

Claim the bonus here:

New Text To Speech Software Creates Amazing Videos

I did a hangout this morning to show how I create
images for slideshow videos. I use free tools to make
the images so you don’t have to worry about your

Here is the link to the hangout:

On the hangout, I also showed how I make videos
that use a generated voice and captions to make
review vides that are very compelling.

The software is called TTS Video Maker. TTS stands for
Text To Speech.

Here is the link:

Watch the demo video I made on the hangout page,
you will be impressed!

New Text To Speech Software
Creates Amazing Videos

You and I know that Video marketing is one of the best
tools to promote products and services, but there is a

We are all bored of those slideshow videos.

Who watches those only text or only images videos?

We had enough of that, it is 2014 and we deserve better.

What if I tell you that you can have a Human Voice under
your command? What if we add an almost real voice to
those boring slideshows, do you think that will make a
huge difference?

Forget about those ridiculous robotic voices, let me
introduce to you the latest Text To Speech technology:

TTS Video Maker <<<

Text To Speech Video Maker will create amazing videos
with images, music, captions and voice overs!

Read this part one more time, VOICE OVERS, the best
female voice over available is under your command with
the click of a button. YES! you can make her say anything,
anytime you want, and create amazing review, affiliate or
promotional videos in minutes.

The developer behind this amazing product is Jimmy
Mancini the same developer who created the famous
Youtube Ranking Software!

Get your copy now! <<<

If you upload any of those videos to your favorite video
sharing sites you will rank much better than those cheap
slideshow videos, the VOICE OVER that the software
generate is so real that Google and YouTube love her!

Start making amazing videos with voice overs in minutes.

There is only a little problem, they are increasing the
price soon and they might close doors soon to avoid too
many people getting access to this technology, hurry up,
get your copy of TTS Video Maker now! <<<

To your Amazon affiliate success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS: This is your last chance to get it at a reduced price,
do not miss this opportunity… you might regret it later.

Get it now: <<<

Graphics For Your Videos

You will not believe the deal I’m going
to get you on 5 core-modules (including
the VIDEO GRAPHIC generator module) of
“Graphic Pro for Less”.

Video Marketing Graphics

Watch how to get in on the deal here:


The Video Graphic generating module alone
has four parts in itself, including a “lower
third” maker to overlay right on top of
your videos, and a call-to-action graphic
maker, also to go on your videos!

You’ll have to see the demos to fully
understand the value, but I’m talking
about a SUPER EASY TO EDIT graphic
maker, that you can access from anywhere,
anytime.. so YOU can “let go” your
outsourcer, or dump your unused copy
of Photoshop!


– The storage of the graphics.. is free

– The graphics you make are Royalty free

– The graphics are perfect for VideoMaker FX
  including the “mascot” module which you get

– The sale is 2-days only

– The discount is for 3 hours from..

Find out here:

Here’s a note I got from Todd Gross about this:

I’ve been waiting a long time to tell you
about this wonderful resource of mine that
I co-own with my partner Shannon Murphy
and his brother Mike. Now YOU can enjoy
custom made Royalty free graphics like
never before. This is a MUST SEE.

Watch my video and find out how to qualify
for the special 3-hour pricing and the 2-day


To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – Todd tells me that the 3 hour special pricing
will be starting soon! Get registered to be sure you
get notified:

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