Private Label Rights For Fun And Profit

Ken Sar is going bonkers for Cyber Monday! He is making available a huge package of private label rights products for a song (not a real song, but a very low price).

Super Amazon PLR Pack –

PLR Super Pack from Tristan Bull –

Calvin Woon’s Internet Marketing Video Vault With PLR –

Not sure what to do with all that PLR?

You can do so many things with PLR that it is beyond the scope of this post to go into all of them, but if you check this WSO out, you will find exactly how this Warrior is turning profits from his PLR: PLR Alchemy – Turning PLR Into Profits

Be sure to check out the Warrior Special Offers for Cyber Monday at the WSO Insiders Fan Page!

WSO Insider’s WSO Round Up

WSO Insiders have been begging us to do a compilation of current WSO offerings. At first we were hesitant to do this, but after some discussion, we decided that it was in YOUR best interest if we let you know which WSO offerings are out there right now.

I know you don’t want to receive a new email each time a WSO goes live (unless it is something that you have been waiting for), so we are setting up a way for you to subscribe to in such a way that you are alerted when we do a WSO Round Up. In fact, you can even use our Facebook App to sign up to receive WSO Round Ups. Subscribing to the RSS Feed is also a good way to know when we post something new.

For now, however, we are just going to tell you what is available.


WpsBoxPRO “d” DESKTOP KING: Generate 100,000+ Backlinks, RIGHT From Your Desktop

WP Pop Wizard Plugin

LINKCLAW! 50% Off Vital Backlink Intelligence and Auto-Link-Booster! CLOSING NOV 23!

[Unrestricted PLR] Google Adwords PPC 101 – 45 Minutes of Exclusive Video Tutorial with PLR/MRR

[WSO OF THE DAY]20 Automated Offline clients Twice a Week? And, No Selling? C’mon!

Check them out, because the WSO’s are limited time offers in most cases.

This WSO Round Up is sponsored by BlueHost!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne


PS – This WSO is still selling like crazy:

Affiliate Marketing 3.0

Prepare to be SHOCKED, because affiliate
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change forever.

This short report tells you about the
profit exploding trend you MUST ride if
you want to succeed as an affiliate:

Everything you thought you knew about
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The old techniques are going to fly right
out the window once this takes hold.

It’s all driven by one thing that every
single big retail website on the Internet
has “hidden” in plain sight.

It comes down to P————-N. Fill in
the blank right here:

I know these guys. What they reveal in
this short report just about knocked me

When you read this, you’ll understand
immediately what you need to do and why
you need to do it.

This report doesn’t cost a thing, but it
wouldn’t matter if it did. You NEED to
know what it tells you.

The first two generations of affiliate
marketing are vanishing as we speak. The
third wave will make them look like
child’s play.

On November 14, these guys are going to
rock the affiliate marketing world, so
buckle your seat belt and be ready.

Here’s your sneak preview of why this is
such a big deal:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – You still have time to get
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