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After speaking with some fellow marketers about a few of my current projects, they couldn’t believe the kind of things I was doing with outsourcing. They convinced me that I needed to share with them what I’d learned and how I was doing it so successfully.

“They wanted to know my secret.”

Since their response was so overwhelming, I decided it was time for me to create a detailed step-by-step course on outsourcing. But not just any course. One that explains everything I have personally learned along the way to make outsourcing profitable based on my real-life experiences & case studies.

The course is called “Outsourcing Simplified”, and it breaks down everything I know about profitable outsourcing in a way that even the newest newbie on the block can get started, (along with plenty of tips for the advanced marketer).

The launch will be on Monday December 3, 2012 at 10:00 AM Eastern


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