Mobile Tactics That Get You Your First Offline Client In 24 Hours?


Here’s What You’re Getting:

  • The Master Plan That Reveals The Secrets To Convincing A Business Owner To Buy Services From You
  • The Roadmap For Delivering On Those Services, And Growing The Client Into Big Monthly Spenders!
  • A Super Simple Redirect Script And Training For Redirecting Mobile Users To A Mobile Site
  • My Proven Custom Strategy That Gives You Fast Street-Tested Sales Superiority
  • The Forgotten Tactics For Branding Yourself Quickly And Getting Noticed In Your Local Market
  • The Plug & Play Service Blueprint That Works For 99.99% Of All Mobile Products
  • My Revealing Pricing Strategy That Lures And Impresses Even The Most Frugal Offline Clients
  • The Fool-Proof Walk-Through For Getting The First Offline Customer On-board

I’m giving you a mega-value here…


You are getting a tactical blueprint to the offline mobile sales and service game in an easy to read report.