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P.S.  Kevin just got this email from a fellow 6-Figure Local Marketer  (he’s also one of the case studies featured on the webinar).

He said…

“I had a phone call today with a local business owner who contacted me. After we hung up something told me to go see him.

So figured I’d go by his office and give him my book and see if he really understood what I told him. (He owns 4 pretty good sized businesses in town.)

When I walked in he greeted me and I handed him my book. He said “already got it!”

He’s had it for a year (met me at a networking event)and said the book was one of the main reasons he called me in the first place.

He’s starting next week! :)”

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Living The Review Site Dream

Review Site Renegade

Selling online is getting more competitive. The Aggressive Affiliates are the
ones who do a little more than the competition! In this case, we are doing the
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You see, some marketers will have you believe
that the only way to make money online is to build
a big list, and become a “guru” of sorts.

The problem, is that not everyone wants to be in the spotlight.
In fact, there are a LOT of people out there who would rather
sit at their computer in their pajamas and make a living
without all the attention.

The good news, is that you CAN!.

My buddy Ben Clemons has been following a method of
building simple review sites with WordPress that ANYONE
can do, for quite some time now, and all you need is a computer
and an internet connection!

In fact, just ONE of his review sites netted him over $46,000+
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Final Chance For An Authority Blog

This has been an amazing run but Ryan Deiss
is shutting it down.

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Over 2000 in all!

Members are ALREADY publishing their sites
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number, so…

I wanted to give you fair warning.

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Micheal Savoie

P.S. Going into the Authority website publishing
business without this group behind you is like
running for President without party support.

P.P.S. Ryan may NEVER re-open – If you have
noticed he usually retires his offers when his
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In other words, this could be your final chance.

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