How to make a GOOD video while wearing a Mankini

How to make a GOOD video while wearing a Mankini

I know, I know…

The thought of Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime
sitting in a “Hot Tub” in Mankini’s may be just
too crazy to imagine. (brain bleach sold separately)

But it’s true. And (unfortunately) I saw it with
my own eyes.


It was worth it.

Why you ask?

Well, This video 2 is better in many ways then
their industry changing Video 1 (Hard to Believe)

They get to the TRAINING content faster.

It is even funnier,

(well, if you like grown Traveling in Time in a Mankini!)

So if you want to learn how to make a Good Video
like this, then check this out now

Have an amazing day!

Micheal –

PS – Nothing to buy (yet), just really good training!

The Entire video you are about to watch was shot
ENTIRELY on an iPhone.

This means YOU can make a video just like this.
Learn how now, from these guys

Like a Boss!

Crappy Marketing Videos


Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime
So much so that they PARTNERED up
to rid the world of bad marketing

Warning: Check your “Ego” at the door.
…Andy and Mike claim that MOST
marketers are making at least
TEN of these 34 mistakes.

Do you agree?

I didn’t… until I saw the “BAD Video”
that Andy Jenkins made as an example
of what “Most Marketers,” are currently
doing wrong in our industry

Hint: Most Marketers = You and Me
(In a rush? see this BAD VIDEO here)


Hold on…

To be honest, I don’t make all of these
but I must say, I do see many marketers make
many of these 34 mistakes.

But when the “Guru” enters into this video,
and says “Dude…you can’t even afford to make ONE
mistake any more!”
…THAT’S what SCARED me.


Because Andy and Mike made a test video and
they show how Retention rate or “Bounce Rate”
dipped when all they did was adjust the audio
levels to mimic “Bad Audio”

Mike Filsaime knows that all too well.

He admits he was making bad videos and
2 years ago he contacted Andy, the “Boss Man”
himself to help him with make better Videos.

Ever since, Mike Filsaime’s Conversion rates
have sky rocketed.

Mike and Andy are now seeing TOO MANY BAD VIDEOS
and they said:
“I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”
So they created this Free Training Video to
show you the 34 most common mistakes marketers
are making today…
…and how to FIX them.

Like a Boss!


Check out the link above and increase
your conversions today and help rid
the world a “Crappy Marketing Videos.”

Micheal –

P.S. Mike and Andy say there is actually
101 mistakes (but the only had time for 34)
so they are giving away a free download
of all 101 mistakes.

This is a must have resource so make sure to
download it here

Hint: there are ” 5 Easter Egg” references to
Hollywood Movies. Two of them are easy to find.
The other Three will be hard find, but see
if you can spot’em all