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How To Set Up Minisites That You Purchased

Roy “Mentorman” Fielding

Bought PLR? Now What?

Minisite Setup Made EasyIf you, like me, have a plethora of PLR and MRR on your computer, you need to take action with it to recoup your investment. Usually, it only takes one or two sales of the product in question to get your money back, especially if you purchased it as a WSO.

But getting a product up on a website is a daunting task. You need to set up a website to host it on, then you need to connect your paypal button and edit the sales page to have your information… it sounds easier when you don’t know how to do it.

But Roy Fielding has solved the fear factor with this new Warrior Special Offer… you can get his video training on how to set up your minisite (that is usually what a sales page, thank you page, download page combo is called) so that you can start earning from the PLR or MRR products you have already purchased.


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Remember Duplicate Content?

I remember a time when people worried about duplicate content. They would tell all those article marketers that Google would penalize them for having their content all over the place, and that they should significantly change their content before putting it out there on various article sites.

For a while, I used to take the other side of the argument. I would tell people that Google did not penalize for duplicate content. I also told people that they should have their articles on as many sites as possible, the backlinks were good.

Backlinks Are Bad

With the release of more recent updates to the Google algorithm, a lot of people are scrambling to get their backlinks removed from as many sites as possible. And some of them are resorting to the DMCA to do it. DMCA stands for a United States Copyright Infringement law: Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Because of the DMCA, it is illegal to copy someone’s website, articles, images or videos. You see, Google decided that they would start penalizing the websites that had backlinks pointing to it from within duplicate content. So an article you wrote and submitted to an article site could come back to haunt you when Google tells you that your 597 backlinks are all coming from sites using your syndicated content.

But if you have an article posted on a site like, are you protected from people using your articles? Not really. People can post your articles all over the place as long as they adhere to the terms of service. Which is why so many marketers who have spent thousands of dollars doing search engine optimization (SEO) with articles and backlinks are beginning to feel sick to their stomach.

What is the solution?

It has become a social world, my friend. Make sure that people are talking about your website on the major social media sites. You can do this by encouraging them in your posts or when you share them on your own pages. Avoid syndication of your content. Make certain your page is optimized internally. And finally, make yourself heard by being outspoken. The bigger the splash you make, the better your chances of being shared around the social sphere!

First List Profits

In this step-by-step course, you’ll learn how to get your first 1000 subscribers and how to make $1000 from them in 30 days or less!
Here’s a run down of just some of what’s covered in this course…
  The 5 vital steps you need to take to setup your list building system so that you make big profits… Knowing what steps to take can help you ensure your success in building a list of people who actually spend money with you!
  My exact steps to find profitable niches that you can actually make-money in! Going into a niche without knowing if it can make you money will cause you tolose a ton of time and money!
  Video tutorials showing you my “secret haunts” for finding niches that make you money and exactly how you can use them to find profitable niches to go into to start building your list. This can help you guarantee your success!
  Ways to create free offers that will make people not think twice and jump on your list. If you can’t get people to subscribe you’ll never make any money, so I go into great detail to show you what people want!
  My product creation “cheat sheet” that you can use over and over to create products, services, and more that people want to buy! You don’t have to have your own products, but when you do you open up many doors to more profits!
  An entire blueprint to creating a product by leveraging the knowledge of others! You don’t always have to create products yourself… There are tons of experts out there that will willingly create products for you for free, and I’ll show you how…
  Step-by-step video tutorials showing you how to easily create a squeeze page! The techy stuff keeps most people from ever making money and that’s why I’m showing you how to do it from A-Z. Even the newest newbie can do what I’m showing in these tutorials!
  See real life examples of squeeze pages that are sucking in subscribers each and every day, and making a killing. When you see what works it’s easier for you to create it for yourself…
  Ways to create copy for your squeeze page that entices almost everyone who sees it to jump on your list right away. Again… If you can’t get people on your list you can’t make money! I give you a three step process to creating the right“triggers” to build a list fast!
  An A-Z tutorial on how to use autoresponders and why they have so many different functions. You’ve got to know how to use the right tools in the right way to find the big profits, and this is your most important tool! You’ll know everything you need to know once you see this!
  How to create an email series that builds your relationship with your subscribers, and gets them buying what you promote! You’ve got to get people to like, know, and trust you before they will buy from you… Once you learn my tactics your subscribers will love you and be willing to buy from you over and over again!
  You’ll get 5 different blueprints to 5 different kinds of emails that suck money out of your list over and over again. Use these and you’ll never have trouble making money from your list.
  A complete video walk through and explanation of one of my profit pulling email series. You’ll also get to download these emails and edit them to suit your own needs. This is almost like having emails that will make you money written foryou!
  Email templates and examples for getting affiliates to promote your offers, getting interviews, getting jv partners to help with product creation, and so much more. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I have contacted a lot of people over the years for various things. These emails have key “triggers” in them that get people saying yes to you and you can take them, edit them, and use them yourself to start getting the traffic, sales, and more that you need!
  My top 10 traffic tactics that I personally use to build lists in over 22 different niches! Traffic is a huge thing that people struggle with so to ensure your success I have included 10 video tutorials where I show you how to use 10 different traffic tactics that are proven to work!
  How to drive traffic each and every day to your squeeze page so you can continually get subscribers and keep the money rolling in. I’ll show you how to setup your own traffic calendar so you know what to do each and every day to drive traffic!
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