Don’t Let Your Website Get Shut Down!

Ok .. I’m not a lawyer … BUT, this is VERY important! …

Even though, I’m not a lawyer, I can tell you that

if you’ve been carelessly using graphics from

the Internet, you may be at risk of copyright


This is NO JOKE. It’s scary ..

This has happened to a friend of mine in

2012, who ended up paying $2,500 to

Getty Images …

.. simply because one of his employees

mistakenly used a copyrighted graphic

on a website of theirs!

In fact, I’ve heard many horror stories of lawsuits

and settlements (basically out-of-court “extortion fees”)

..being charged to website owners for seemingly

very minor copyright violations.

As an Internet marketer, I totally understand

how important is to have good graphics for

your website.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find high

quality graphics that are fully legal, yet don’t

cost an arm and a leg for licensing.

Today I’ve found the perfect solution for you:

These guys have created a massive collection

of mind-blowingly good graphic designs, and

here’s the best part…

They are completely legal, because ALL the

graphics were created from scratch by their

in-house design team!

If I were them, I’d be charging a pretty significant

price for these high quality original graphics, but

these guys seem to be a little crazy…

For the next five days only, they’re letting you

grab the whole collection for mere pennies on

the dollar!

Yes I mean that literally, and when you see this

short video, you will understand why I’m so

excited about this crazy deal…

As I mentioned, they’ll be taking it down in just 5 days,

so be sure you don’t miss it!

But .. most importantly ..


So, protect yourself and grab these fully legal

graphics that will make your products/website

sell better!

Graphics Package Only Available For 7 Days ONLY!

Graphics Firesale Package


Are graphics the reason your website is not converting? Or are you too embarrassed with your site that you haven’t even allowed Google to look at it?

You need to look at this Fire Sale!

All the graphics your website will ever need at a fraction of the price it would cost if you were to have them made for yourself.

Look at the video:

I just got you earlybird access to a HUGE graphics firesale! It is supposed to start December 15th, but I just got word that I can tell you about it now!

To your success!

Micheal –

PS – If you are reading this after December 22, 2013 then chances are, you missed it.

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