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Restaurants Pay $497 Per Month For This Software…

Restaurant owners are used to paying high to list their
places on various sites… However most of the sites
they list their menus and number on are generic, and
rarely generate any customers for them.

That’s why if you create a small site in a specific niche
like diners… or Italian food… or pizza… or Greek food…
You can demand higher fees to list their businesses on
your site.

The going rate among my coaching students is currently
$497 a month per restaurant. Check out how one of these
coaching students is making $15,000 a month with this

Biz Owners Are Paying $497 A Month To Be On These
Small Sites…

In truth… It was this student who discovered this whole
method. I was so inspired by him, that I decided to help
him develop this software and get it out to other marketers
to use. Also… If you’re wondering which niches have been
paying the most for directory sites (this will surprise you) this video will walk you through the best ones.

Watch this video now:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – Your results may vary… why settle for only $15,000
per month?

New Text To Speech Software Creates Amazing Videos

I did a hangout this morning to show how I create
images for slideshow videos. I use free tools to make
the images so you don’t have to worry about your

Here is the link to the hangout:

On the hangout, I also showed how I make videos
that use a generated voice and captions to make
review vides that are very compelling.

The software is called TTS Video Maker. TTS stands for
Text To Speech.

Here is the link:

Watch the demo video I made on the hangout page,
you will be impressed!

New Text To Speech Software
Creates Amazing Videos

You and I know that Video marketing is one of the best
tools to promote products and services, but there is a

We are all bored of those slideshow videos.

Who watches those only text or only images videos?

We had enough of that, it is 2014 and we deserve better.

What if I tell you that you can have a Human Voice under
your command? What if we add an almost real voice to
those boring slideshows, do you think that will make a
huge difference?

Forget about those ridiculous robotic voices, let me
introduce to you the latest Text To Speech technology:

TTS Video Maker <<<

Text To Speech Video Maker will create amazing videos
with images, music, captions and voice overs!

Read this part one more time, VOICE OVERS, the best
female voice over available is under your command with
the click of a button. YES! you can make her say anything,
anytime you want, and create amazing review, affiliate or
promotional videos in minutes.

The developer behind this amazing product is Jimmy
Mancini the same developer who created the famous
Youtube Ranking Software!

Get your copy now! <<<

If you upload any of those videos to your favorite video
sharing sites you will rank much better than those cheap
slideshow videos, the VOICE OVER that the software
generate is so real that Google and YouTube love her!

Start making amazing videos with voice overs in minutes.

There is only a little problem, they are increasing the
price soon and they might close doors soon to avoid too
many people getting access to this technology, hurry up,
get your copy of TTS Video Maker now! <<<

To your Amazon affiliate success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

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Sales Automation Engine Bonus


You’ve got to see it in action here:

The Sales Automation Engine is priced 90%-off, but the
price is going to be increased soon, so you’ll want to
jump in so you can freeze the price!

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A Letter From Joel Therien

If you have a moment I woke up this am and
wanted to reach out to your personally…
So many people come to us and say hey “Joel,
I just lost my job and I need to make $4000 by
end of the month”

My simple answer is eek.. you better find a new job then!

Reason is we run a honest and legitimate business..
I am not interested in “taking” peoples money if they
don’t have realistic expectations of starting a business.
Although I have seen people make $4000 or more in their
first month, it is rare..

If you do have realistic expectations..

Like maybe wanting to make $500 your first month
Then here is what you need to do..

1. Watch our Corporate office video tour here

The video tour will give you a sense of security that
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But if you are realistic, then here is my total guarantee!
If you do not make $500 by end of month, call us or
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Founder and CEO