Audello Sneak Peek (and BIG News!)

If you’ve been keeping an eye on your inbox over the past week, you should already know about the huge buzz caused by this new software!

Through the power of the podcasting networks, it helps you build targeted mailing lists, build stronger relationships with your subscribers and ultimately turn them into buyers.

But, here’s the problem:

Most people just don’t have a CLUE where to start when it comes to doing all this effectively…

That’s because, until now, there hasn’t been a single system available that can power the whole process and walk you through it step by step!

Finally, this software package solves that and is one of the most powerful ways to generate an audience and subscriber list I have seen!

If you want to see this incredible software in action for the first time, and find out how to get your hands on it, you need to watch this video.

This video won’t be online for long, so go check it out now:

Talk soon,

Micheal & Yvonne – 

PS – If you’re sick of trying hard to seek out customers and would prefer to have them seek YOU out… to buy your products and services… this is for you:

Audello Podcast software and training

Take 1 Hour. Make $300. Repeat.

It's just ONE page...

But I wonder how amazed you’ll be when you discover
that it’s potentially worth $1…$5…or even up to $50 a DAY
once you get it and running.

Heck, maybe even a whole lot more 🙂

Sounds like a load of hype?

Check out the undisputable PROOF here:

You'll be absolutely stunned by the 
results once you try it out.

And that goes beyond a guarantee...

It's a promise!
To your success,
Micheal & Yvonne –
PS – We just got our hands on a really cool WP Plugin that is 
changing how we build our list and sell affiliate products!
Check it out here:

1 Click Image Ranker WP Plugin

Reprinted with permission from WordPress Plugin GuideImages Get You Traffic


For the last 6 years, my friend George Katsoudas
has been getting traffic from GOOGLE IMAGES.

According to BBC, Google Images gets more

You can download a free pdf cheat sheet that
shows you exactly how to optimize your images
for search engines like Google, from here:

Google often shows images ABOVE the normal
text results. If your image appears there, you
can essentially “steal” the #1 spot from your

The problem is that CREATING IMAGES IS TOUGH.

And don’t even THINK about using an image
that you found from a stock site. Google KNOWS
if your image can be found on other sites. If you
use the same images as everyone else, your
image will NOT rank high.

The solution is a super simple WordPress plugin
that George developed.

– It creates text-based images for your content.

– It optimizes them for your chosen keywords.

– It gets you more free traffic from search engines like Google.

All, automatically.

You can watch a video walkthrough, as well as
download a free demo of the plugin from this link:

The plugin is currently available at a discount,
because it just launched. Price will go up on
October 25th. You may want to hurry!  🙂

Micheal & Yvonne – 

PS. You can do this, even if you are a technophobe
who knows nothing about SEO. The plugin does
all the  work FOR you.

First 25 Get Free Book Cover

Just 2 months ago, at a closed door event, Mike Koenigs I took 39 business owners through the Publish and Profit master class. He even brainstormed their book titles and created a cover for them.
Mike Koenigs 

The result?

Within 4 weeks, 26 of 39 had a published book and most achieved best seller status.

4 weeks!

Now it’s your turn. I’d like to help you launch a #1 best selling book and Mike’s team is offering to create your next book cover for you.

And in case you’re wondering, the price is a whopping $0. It’s free…and there are no implied or actual strings attached. It’s just a small way to show you that he has a system that works and to give you some “results in advance.”


He’ll do it for the first 25 who watch this video. And then he’ll take another 25 at random later this week.

You can go here to get started.

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

All of the instructions on how to get your book cover done are in this video.