Instant Photoshop Video Training

Comprehensive Photoshop Video Training

Ultimate All-In-One Photoshop Video Training

Easy-To-Follow Videos
Watch simple, step-by-step videos created for complete Photoshop beginners. Everything is explained in a clear & logical fashion so even a complete non-techie person could follow it.

Designed For Marketers
I’m marketer myself and I’ve been doing graphics for internet marketers for the past 5 years. This is a UNIQUE Photoshop course designed with you in mind.

HD Quality Videos
All of the 240+ videos are crystal-clear with a full screen option so you’ll see everything in detail.

Make Your Own Graphics In Minutes
After following this amazing video training you’ll be able to create your own graphics in minutes. No more designers. No more delays. You have this skill FOR LIFE!

Instant Photoshop Guru

All-In-One Photoshop Video Course
It’s a simple, step-by-step video training how to master Photoshop in 7 days or less.

Complete Photoshop Toolbox
Gear up your Photoshop with the best Photoshop brushes, shapes, presets, patterns, gradients, textures and so on!

Instant Pixlr Expert
Discover how to become a pro designer in 3 days or less using a free online graphic editing tool called Pixlr.

69 Secret Photoshop Styles
Imagine a way to create amazing-looking graphics within just a few clicks of the mouse. It’s all possible with my personal collection of styles that I’ve built in over 2 years time.

“Over My Shoulder” Minisite Creation Videos
Discover step-by-step how I’m creating full-blown minisite graphics from complete scratch.

12 Months Of Free Updates & Free Tech Support
Always stay up to date and get help if you get stuck at any point.

256+ Marketing Graphic Templates
Use these top-quality graphic templates as your starting point. Customize them freely, use in your projects or even sell for high profits!

The Value Of Everything You’re Getting Today

What You’ll Receive…

Instant Photoshop Guru – Full Video Course 
FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 – Complete Photoshop Toolbox
FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 – 69 Secret Photoshop Styles
FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 – Instant Pixlr Expert
FAST-ACTION BONUS #4 – 256+ Marketing Graphic Templates
FAST-ACTION BONUS #5 – “Over My Shoulder” Minisite Creation Videos
FAST-ACTION BONUS #6 – 12 Months Of Free Updates & Free Tech Support

All the expert advice in this mind-blowing, in-depth video course comes from a Photoshop veteran who’s been making a lot of money by freelancing over 5 years.

Discover Photoshop In 7 Days And Create Stunning Graphics!


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Why Video Marketers Need Audello

You are a video marketer. You use videos to get you traffic, prospects, leads and eventually sales. That is something I have been preaching for a long time.

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What is Audello?

Audello is a suite of podcasting tools and training program. The software consists of a desktop program (for Mac and PC), a web application and a smart phone app (iPhone version is currently the only one available, but the Android version is in development).

The desktop app allows you to record your own voice (via your microphone) or the sounds coming from your computer. It also allows you to drag and drop files to be included into your podcast.

The web app allows you to create pages for playing back your podcasts (with lots of cool effects like opt in forms, buy now buttons and even redirects). The pages are SEO optimized and can be easily turned into viral pages with a plethora of social media share buttons that you can include in the player (which can be embedded on your blog). Another feature of the web app is the podcast submitter. It allows you to share your podcast onto 3 major podcast networks.

podcastingVideo Soundtracks

Your podcasts can easily be turned into the soundtrack for a simple slideshow or a PowerPoint video with only a little bit of tweaking. I am all about repurposing your content. You spent the time creating it, right? You used your vast wealth of knowledge in your field of expertise or you interviewed someone who has that vast wealth of knowledge. You can use the same mp3 file that your podcast created and make videos that you can post on your YouTube channel or on social media. Make your content work for you.

Not only would you have your podcast on the podcast networks, but your videos would be on the video networks, sending you even more traffic.

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